The Genius Reason To Put Nail Polish on Your Window Screens

Image Credit: Julia Sperling

Is it nice enough where you live to open the windows yet? There's nothing like warm, fresh spring air flowing through your previously closed-up house. Of course, then the bugs come. Because, no matter how much you enjoy those cross-breezes, insects will eventually, inevitably make their way through any teeny tiny holes in your screens, and there goes all your enjoyment out the window.

Here's some good news! Using nail polish, you can easily repair small holes in your window screens and pesky insects will have to work a lot harder to get in the house. The technique works best on damaged areas that are 1/8 inch or smaller in diameter. Once applied, the nail polish acts as an adhesive to seal the damaged area, plugging up holes and preventing them from getting any larger. Use clear polish and you won't even notice the repair job.

Image Credit: Anna Spaller

Here's how to do it:

Image Credit: Jacqueline Marque

If your screens have larger holes that need to be repaired, you can sew them together if they are long and thin. Repair even larger holes with patches that adhere to the existing screen (or sometimes even thread through the existing screen, as described here). You can also use this screen repair adhesive that works a lot like duct tape.