West Elm's New Issue

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

New urban chic. While we have been out of the city during the last week and missing the catalogues, we were tipped off that West Elm's newest shows some good fresh design. West Elm, the youngest and smallest of the Williams-Sonoma clan, which includes Pottery Barn and Hold Everything, was established to appeal to us city folk with more urban, hip tastes. It also has prices that are so much lower than the rest of its clan... which is both good and bad. You have to be careful with what you buy as the quality ain't always very high.

That said, its about style. We like the new platform bed (pic above), the upholstered cutout chair, and the Metal top coffee table. And we like the new color palette, which is a little more sophisticated and classic than the summer colors. (Thanks, Patrick!) MGR