The Swopper Chair (not swooper)

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Dept. of Outside the Box. We have seen these chairs from a distance, but not considered them too closely. Then we recieved this glowing email:

I am addicted to a task chair that isn't too well known. It's called the swooper [sic] chair. It's backless and armless - just a stool that bounces and leaves a lot of the balancing to you. I work in the industry, and the designers have told me that it's a chair that is basically an extension of your vertabrae. I can't even do it justice here. Just go try it. It's cute, too...not cumbersome at all, and around $400.

It could all be true (except for the $400 part. We found them starting at $499), and we like the principle, which makes sense:

Swopper's motion facilitates strengthening the body's stabilizing muscles by engaging the back and abdomen in a constant state of contraction and relaxation. Movement creates flexibility, fluidity and energy. Instead of feeling fatigued by hours of sitting, you'll feel refreshed and revitalized.

When you sit for eight plus hours a day (working at a computer...), a good seat is particularly important. This seems like a viable alternative. (Thanks, Sofia!) MGR