Stacked Rooms: Franziska Sinn Goes To Work

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy
Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy
Dept. of Vicarious Clutter Clearing. Sent to us on Friday, the German artist Franziska Sinn has taken hold of the home improvement craze and bases her art in the rearrangement of rooms. As she puts it:

Because each room shows unique evidence of its owner, many things can be discovered in rooms. Every room even has its own character. I love to witness that character, and then change something in it.

Her photographs of 8 rearranged rooms will fascinate and inspire, while her website will allow you to contemplate even more ways to mess up and arrange. Currently, she is living in NYC. As Robert Frost said, "there is something that does not love a room just as it is...." (Thanks, Amy! via The Morning News) MGR