Sleeper Sofa Competition - Dublin: 7.43 !! Nomad: 5.16

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Classicism prevails. Who would have thought that arms would have made such a big difference? While the judges in the Men's All Around Gymnastics in Athens may have had difficulty making a clear decision, our voters did not. The ever popular Nomad sofa from Ligne Roset ($2,400) failed in its bid for the crown due not only (though not mentioned) to it's higher price but mainly because of its lack of a place to rest your head and skepticism over whether it would still look stylish in 5 years. Good points.

Meanwhile the humble but sophisticated Dublin Sofa from Room and Board ($1,299) walked over all other rivals and established itself as a. MORE COMFORTABLE for sleeping, b. more comfortable for lounging, and c. very good looking, while not fashion forward.

Here is what a few panelists said:

While I am huge fan of Ligne Roset (Nomad's)designer Didier Gomez, I am a bigger fan of a cleaner-lined, more timeless sofa that survives the peaks and valleys of interior design. I'd be afraid that the Nomad would look dated pretty quickly. Patrick

I like the style and color of the Nomad, but I voted for the Dublin because I am wary of the futon-likeness of the Nomad. Having suffered from the "slouch factor" of futon matresses before, I would worry about the same thing happening. Marie

I must admit, I like the design of the Nomad better, but I ultimately voted for the Dublin because it has armrests. While the look of an armless sofa is appealing, it is less comfortable when laying across the sofa since you have nothing to rest your head on. Liz

We hope that this type of competition helps any of you that are faced with making these decisions, and thanks again to all voters. Ya'll rock, and let us know what other competitions would be valuable..... MGR