Seal the Deal: How To Save Space With A Vacuum

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

With winter well behind us in most parts, it is once again time to stow away all those bulky blankets. Here is a dead simple tip on how to save loads of space with nothing but a vacuum, a garbage bag, and a rubber band!

Grab that big, space-hog of a comforter, fold it up, and prepare to be amazed!

A garbage bag (this one is biodegradable, of course) + a rubber band - courtesy of my asparagus!

Remove any attachments from your vacuum hose, all this task requires is some straightforward suction.

Place the comforter into the bag. Yes it is that easy.

Insert the vacuum hose into the opening. Make sure it is touching the blanket rather than the plastic bag.

Form a seal around the hose with one hand and turn on the vacuum with the other.

Watch as the suction removes the air from the bag. Apply pressure to expedite the process and use the rubber band to tie off the end when you are done.

Stand back and marvel at the slim, compact results!

What You Need

Bulky blankets, pillows, linens, clothing, you name it!
Vacuum with a hose
Garbage bag
Rubber band


1.Fold the blanket, winter coat or whathaveyou. Stack several on top of each other if desired.

2.Place the folded material into the garbage bag.

3.Insert the vacuum hose into the bag, making sure it doesn't touch the plastic.

4.Form a seal around the hose with with one hand and turn on the vacuum.

5.Watch as the vacuum suctions the air from the bag and shrinks everything down. At this point you can employ a helper to squish the bag and speed up the process—just be sure not to puncture it!

6.Once the bag has shrunk as much as possible, remove the hose as tie of the end with the rubber band.


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(Image: MaryAnne Petrella)