Safco Shelving: True Modern

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

The real deal. Looking around for good shelving solutions of the more trendy variety, we were tipped off to this genius solution. Hailing from the real SoHo lofts of yore, when so much shelving was needed and places like The Container Store and California Closets didn't exist, this cheap, easy to assemble industrial shelving ruled the day:

Very strong all-metal construction (each shelf supports 350lbs), very affordable, and surprisingly stylish. I have a wall filled with six bookcases side by side and bolted together (that's an 18-ft wide, 6-ft tall unit for under $800. The shelves *are* adjustable and *do* have holes, but the holes are a big part of the overall design, and a plus to the overall look (I'm close to the Queensboro bridge and it kinda matches).

With a battleship grey finish and your finest collection of Shakespeare manuscripts, you go from 0 to chic in 30 seconds. Coming in 75" and 85" heights from multiple sources. (Thanks, Nallegram!) MGR

- Office Depot
- Biz Chair
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