Rem Koolhaas is Back In Your Face

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

For conversations around the design water cooler. Rarely quiet for long, we just heard that Rem Koolhaas' latest book on current design is out. Called Content and designed like a magazine with numerous contributors and paid advertising inside, it is described by ID Magazine as "picking up where S,M,L,XL left off... A showcase of Koolhaas work from 1993 to 2003, mixed with essays, interviews, and visual hot flashes."

Tokion says, "Content launches a politically charged-attack on your eyeballs....The interview with Martha Stewart and a bootleg Prada ads make it totally... of the time."

Metropolis says, "Combining satire, expose, diary, and monograph, the book breeds a full range of reactions, from intense inspiration to utter disbelief."

Published by Taschen and sold by Amazon for $14.95. MGR