Pearl River Mart

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

In honor of back to school week, it is time to list Pearl River in our Stores Guide. A longtime staple of the Chinatown/Lower Broadway shopping scene, Pearl River is a store you might not walk into - it just looks too chintzy - but if you ever do, you'll quickly find yourself lost for hours among the odd, practical and unique items they sell. And if you have been there, you go back, because there is always something new at PR.

NyCom say:
This treasure trove in Chinatown is the ultimate gift source, specializing in quality Chinese goods of all sorts.

NY Mag says:
The prices are a little higher since they moved the Canal Street location to Broadway, but this Chinatown department store is still a treasure hoard.

And we say that as far as kitchenware (great tea pots, cleavers, kettles), dinnerware (great bowls and placemats), and home decorating classics like paper lanterns of all shapes and sizes, this is an absolute must stop. MGR

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Store Hours: 10 AM to 7:20 PM, including weekends and Holidays.