Pablo Designs

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

One man army. Pablo Pardo is a Venezuelan designer who set up his own shop in San Francisco in 1993. Since then he has been nailing the market for simple, useful designs in lighting, modular furniture and accessories.

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

We were amazed to find so many recognizeable object were the product of his brain. Our picks? The Venta Lamp ($275) we blogged a few weeks ago, the Elise Lamp ($95) we see in every hip home store in the city, ditto that for the Uno Paper Bin ($42), made of one thin sheet of plywood, and the Vela Mirror ($95) at right.

Our current favorite is the Io Task Lamp (top pic) which not only swivels and bends, it telescopes out another 6" when you need it. MGR

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