Mold Liability Spurs Degree in Drying

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

In a great article in Monday's Wall Street Journal, Mold LiabilityNags Restorers Of Wet Houses, Chuck Dewald is featured for his Structure Drying School that is teaching drying professionals how to dry out houses in half the time - thereby avoiding serious mold and structural damage.

Highlighted in this article it the increasing problem of mold related damage as homeowners file insurance claims and insurance companies seek ways to cut them down. The science of drying out a house has been at the kindergarden level until recently, with people like Chuck Dewald pushing it into first grade and beyone.

The best part? He has a fully furnished house he completely floods for his students to practice on. It has been flooded over 200 times, and dried out in 3 days every time. There's no mold in it. (Thanks, Oliver!) MGR