Lehman's Life Tips: Dog Breath

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Caring for dogs, cats and pets are a big part of city life and can be difficult in our small spaces. We love pets and will be running more on caring for them. (via Lehman's Life) MGR

One of my dogs has horrendous dog breath-any tips? I am already giving her fresh garlic daily with her meals. Erin

Why on earth would giving a dog fresh garlic help with bad breath?!!!.
Try cutting out the garlic and buy some "Greenies" or one of the biscuits designed to help eliminate doggy breath. Sara

When my dogs breath starts smelling real bad i take them to the vet.They always get their teeth cleaned and most of the time they have bad teeth that have to be pulled.If your dog has bad teeth garlic nor anything else will help.Bad teeth can cause kidney failure in dogs and cats.To be on the safe side you need to take him to the vet right away. Julia

I bought some dog biscuits at Wal-Mart that is for bad breath. Mine has
improved 200%. D Clegg

Just as in people, the most common causes of halitosis is either bad teeth or a digestive problem. It's best to take the animal to the vet. They can check for gum problems, cavities, etc., or recommend a diet easier to digest. good luck. Paula

Assuming the teeth are OK, I've heard that feeding them parsley helps.
Once a week, we give our dogs marrow soup bones to chew on (we get them from a meat butcher) and that seems to help them clean their teeth and breath. Just a warning about giving dogs bones to chew on: Never give them a bone that's been cooked! The bones dry out as they cook and can splinter when chewed on. If the dog swallows a bone splinter, it can kill the dog. And, this is probably obvious, but I'll go ahead and state the obvious: Never allow a dog to have chicken bones, cooked or uncooked, for the same reason. Years ago, my grandmother lost a wonderful dog because her dog got chicken bones out of the trash. Blessings, Homeschool Mom in VA

I brush my dog's teeth every other day or so. You might want the vet to clean the dog's teeth first then use animal toothpaste and a childs toothbrush. My dog loves it. She waits in the bathroom every morning for her turn. Hope this helps.