Lehman's Life: How To Rescue Burnt Pans

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Help! A teenager burned food in 2 glass and 2 stainless steel pans. There is a black crust in the bottom of each pan. One just has spots of black, not really crusty. How can I remove it? Thanks for your suggestions. wellnessways@consultant.com

Norma: Regarding the person who has the blackend cooking pans, I have found that straight Dishwasher detergent applied to the damp blackened pot and left to soak for awhile, removes or makes it easy to remove the burned on substance. Rinse well.

Antonia: If you coat the bottom of the pan with baking soda, then add enough vinegar so that the paste covers the burned part, let soak for .....well maybe a few days. Good Luck!

Phyllis: put some dish soap in each pan and slowly boil until mail residue comes off. then, give the teenager a nice sos or brillo pad and instruction on how to scrub. now, on the glass pans a 'teflon scrubber' will have to be used, these are usually plastic mesh, stating 'safe for teflon'. this may take more scrubbing, but teenagers are strong with lots of energy. this has worked for me many, many times. best to you Phyllis Larson, Up Mich

Candle: I always put some water and a generous amount of baking soda in a pan that I have burned. Then let it cook over low heat. it comes right off.

Pete: Put a couple tablespoons of cream of tartar in the bottom of the pan. Add a quart of water and boil about 10 minutes. When cooled you can scrub most stains right out. I have burnt many a pot and it works for me.

Mary:I have heard from my cousin that if you put the pans in a garbage bag with 1 cup of ammonia overnight the stuff will come right off. You can use this for BBQ grill racks, oven racks, etc.

I personally put about 1/2 cup of dishwaser detergent in the pan, fill with water and boil for at least an hour. Let sit until cool and I have never had anything that didn't come off. It makes your old pans look like new as well. If the stains are on the outside I get my biggest pot and boil the other pot inside of it. It does work every time.