Lehman's Life: How Do You Filter Your Water?

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Do any of you use water softners or filters and what do you recommened? Nelson Clinch

I am sure you don't want to spend a lot of money but if you want the best "Kinetico" www.kinetico.com is it. It doesn't use electricity and processes only as much water as you need. No timers or monitoring and it does a wonderful job. Sometimes paying for the best has it's advantages. Mary

We buy bottled water for now (still living in rental w/city water while
building) but we put a filter on our shower to take out sulfur smell and chlorine. We got ours from Natural Lifestyles, a mail-order source with a website, and it's called a RainShower. Cartridge has to be replaced every 4-6 months but it's been well worth it. Sherry

We have a water softener and it's a Kinetico, I like it because it's a demand metered thing, uses less salt and very little energy. We also have a reverse osmosis under our kitchen sink, I love that!!! Makes even hard well water palatable. Sara