JUCCI Bond Age Beanbag

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Beanbags for grownups. Furniture can be practical or it can be fun. Sometimes it can be even more. Leave it to JUCCI Leather to figure that one out. In what must certainly must be a new low in the annals of low brow design, Jucci's Bond Age Beanbag (£ 945) is described thusly:

Our ultra soft black nubuck suede beanie will spice up your life! Large enough to either just lounge with your loved one or, with the addition of clever little accessories, indulge in a little gentle exercise!

This is a totally British production, and it is worth a tour of the Jucci site just to see what people who live on small islands get up to at night. (Thanks, Funfurde!) MGR