How To: Hang Curtains Across Any Space

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

It is really very simple to hang curtains across a room or a doorway if you have the right ingredients. We do it constantly in order to divide rooms or create soft walls that allow light to pass through, while maintaining privacy.

The pic at top is from an apartment we did for HGTV last year. You can see the one room studio is divided by long curtains that came from Anthropology. They separate the bedroom without cramping the space...

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

The secret is to have a very light, high tension wire that won't droop and which will smoothly allow cloth to pass across the top (aircraft cable is coated in plastic. Perfect!).


We use:

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

1. aircraft cable

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

2. Turnbuckles

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

3. Wire rope clips
4. and regular screw in hooks with anchor to match the composition of the wall

None of these ingredients are hard to find, nor are they expensive, and the cable needs to be cut with a small cable cutter, which you can buy or have done at the store.

1. site your line and mark two level holes for the hooks
2. drill hole, push in anchor, screw in hooks (for big expanses use mushroom anchors)
3. make loop at one end of cable and secure with wire rope clip
4. expand turnbuckle and attach to other hook
4. stretch cable to turnbuckle and cut cable, leaving 6" excess
5. take turnbuckle down and secure cable through one end with rope clip
6. pull cable up with turnbuckle and attach to hook
7. tighten turnbuckle until cable is rigid

After doing this and testing your anchors, you are ready to trim down any excess cable and slip your curtains or panels onto the wire. Enjoy!