House Tour: West 22nd Street - Week 9

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Getting closer. With August now in session, and the owner of this apartment needing to move in by the end of the month, work is humming along.

A fresh stack of 100 year old 5" red oak floor planks have been carried down from the roof for fitting on the upper floor. This was a great find and the type of reuse of old materials that the owner is inspired by. Ripped out of a factory building in Brooklyn that was being converted to lofts, the boards were of no interest to their owners, who sold them for 10 cents a running foot - a depressingly low price given the value of this wood. The trade off, however, is that it will take more work to plane, cut, sand and install this floor as the wood has been weathered by time. In the end, the cost savings will be about 50%.

2004 8 10 devito1

2004 8 10 devito2

2004 8 10 devito3

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Among other things, the steel stairs have been ground down and primed with white paint, as the raw steel look wasn't working . The white stairs (even the owner's father - at right - is pitching in!) are fitting in better, while a new steel railing has been installed above. Disappointed that he didn't find an antique railing here, the owner settled on the cheaper, new steel solution to satisfy the code and get his apartment done. He says he will replace it as soon as he can.

With all electric work done (see pics of grouped plumbing and electricity for a future sofet), big remaining items are: fixing the ceiling joists, installing the flooring and appliances, as well as a painting party at the end of the month. Oh, and then there is cleaning up that bathroom as well. MGR