House Tour: West 22nd Street - Week 10

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

A little closer. We don't have a full plate of photos this week, and what we have will ONLY be interesting to die hards, but that's the way renovations in Manhattan are.
Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

With three weeks to go before moving in, the reclaimed red oak flooring has been laid down in the loft and the ceiling joists have been repaired. Stuart, an architect and friend has give these instructions per the floor (via an email):

Not too bad with a good sand and a clear coat

Will look great

I suggest that you add a hint of silver and blue to the clear coat

Have done it before

Will show how

You don't even know it's there, but the surface becomes luminous


An appointment with the city inspector has been arranged for this next week. Once the inspector signs off on the structural work that has been done here, the owner has the green light to go ahead and put in appliances and begin all the nice finish work without fear of having to start anything over again. Not a lot has been structurally altered here, but the ceiling and new loft floor with staircase will be under scrutiny.

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

This apartment is the first renovation to take place in this old building in many years. The new owner bought this building with the intention of renovating the whole thing in as environmentally sound and profitable way as possible. He also intended to make a home for himself among the five units. This first job is an experiment with which to learn how to do the whole building in the next year. The big job will start in the summer of 2005. MGR