House & Home Roundup: 9.4 pts

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A great issue. H & H must have been saving up these few gems for awhile in order to hit an end of summer home run (including nice pics: Marlon Brando's island - above - now up for sale) . This week's score for H & H is the highest ever, with consistently top numbers in categories across the board.

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Top story goes to, The Woodlands as a Canvas, which combines our love for design with our love of INTELLIGENCE and green thinking. The star of this article, Michael Singer, calls himself and artist, but has been designing homes, industrial infrastructure, and landscapes, as well as producing sculpture that has been displayed at the Guggenheim Museum and MoMA since the 1970's. Of particular note is the building he designed for himself on a pond in Vermont and the questions he has been asking,

I spent 15 years...trying to figure out the human connection to the natural environment. How do we express it? How do we act in a way that isn't controlling, destructive?

He is succeeding, and a visit to his website will show you a few of his answers.

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Top practical article goes to A Woman in Search Of a Closet Whisperer, which gives a pretty good run down on one woman's search for a closet makeover in NYC. Reviewing California Closets, Clos-ette, Easy-Closets, and Elfa Shelving at The Container Store, we find that prices range from $442 to $20,000 and that California Closets ($1,235) is the winner. We only wish that the field was bigger and that California Closets was given a real run for its money.

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The cover story on Gore Vidal's house in Amalfi, Italy is another good read, however, mainly for the sweet, sticky appeal of dipping into the long, glittering life of the great writer and historian.

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The house itself is interestingly hard to describe and hard to photograph, configured as it is on the steep slopes above Amalfi with more air than land around it to give it any grounding. The reason for the article? Vidal is selling his 5,000 square foot Italian home, because he can no longer move around the many levels with ease. The price? $17 million. We hear that Sting is interested...

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