House & Home Roundup: 6.5 pts

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Even the Yankees lose. After a number of weeks of hitting high notes, H & H got tired last tired that it just sat on our table and we couldn't even bring ourselves to go through all of it. But we did.

Top of the charts is the article on the end of Nest magazine, A Champion of the Quirky Writes Finis. One can't help but feel that there is a certain gloating in the demise of this irreverent shelter mag, as the article celebrates the melancholic tragedy of the magazine's founder and publisher, Joseph Hotzman, without quite taking it seriously. On the other hand, Nest was careful not to take itself too seriously either.... All we can say is that we loved getting it and LOOKING at it, if not reading it. There is a scarcity of oddball perspectives in the interiors field and now there is one less.

Our second fave is the great Trade Secrets column, which featured the long history and personal history of expert restorer, Mark Catalini - Restoring Antique Artistry in Reed and Cane. It includes a good link as well for antique wicker restorers all over the country.

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Next up was a story caged from numerous blog sources, featuring an *ingenious American*, Jeff Walling, who has invented and patented a bulletproof, disaster proof, terrorist proof bed that only costs $160,000 - For the Sleeper Who Counts Monsters. Called the Quantum Sleeper, it looks more like a coffin and can be seen at

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Finally, Personal Shopper features a look at cabinets that do the double between storage and furnture (ie. coffee table or bench). This would have been more interesting with broader scope of storage options, but the traditionalist in us would absolutely die for the end cabinet by Thos. Moser at right. MGR

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