Why Are So Many Front Doors Red?

Image Credit: Natalie Grasso

Red front doors call attention to your home's exterior, and make a bright, confident and cheerful statement to passersby. Turns out there's a huge reason why the color is popular around the world. What are you telling the world when you paint your door red?

Well, it depends:

  1. In Scotland, people painted their front door to celebrate that they had paid off their mortgages and now owned their homes outright.
  2. If you believe in Feng Shui, the color red has a positive energy. By painting the front door red, you are drawing that force into your home.
  3. For weary travelers moving through the United States, a red door signified a welcome refuge from the road where they could find shelter and food.
  4. Catholic churches used a red door to symbolize blood and to ward off disease and death from within their holy walls.
  5. Red doors were signals to escaped slaves that the house was part of the Underground Railroad.
  6. It's rumored that Albert Einstein painted his house door red because it was bright and he could easily tell which one was his.
  7. Red is considered really good luck by the Chinese, and many paint their doors red around the New Year, as a way to invite all that happiness and cheer into the household.
  8. Elizabeth Arden has a series of retreats called Red Door Spas which are well-known for peace and relaxation.