Good Question: Where Can I Find a Danish Modern Sofa/Chaise For Under $1200?

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Questions, questions, questions! We're getting a great deal of questions - good ones - so we're going to post "Good Questions" three times a week: Mon, Wed, Fri. More than that seems too much right now. Having a group to answer questions is incredibly helpful, so pelase continue to answer anything you can. This one for furniture geeks only.... MGR

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

I'm looking for a "J" shaped sofa / chaise that has one armrest, a partial back, and the other side without an armrest. I want to be able to use this either as a chaise or as a sofa for at least 2 people to sit on comfortably with back support. My furniture is mostly mid-century / Danish Modern, so I would like something that would go with that -- not traditional, Victorian, etc. I'm hoping to find something under $1200, ideally.

Dunbar has reissued a piece that would be perfect but it's around five grand (above).

A while back I remember reading on your site a comment from a reader where he/she mentioned a furniture store in Colorado (I think) that had a piece that could work. I bookmarked the store's site and now I can't find the bookmark. I think this discussion was part of the ongoing "Sofa Quest" or "Small Sofa Competition," but I can't find this mention in either one in your archive.

Thanks, Robert