Flower Box Award: 3 (?) Minetta Lane

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

I often walk across the one winding block of Minetta Lane to get from the central Village over to the West Village. It's a short, sleepy block where nothing much seems to happen.

This week, as I passed through in my usual quick way, I caught the scent of lavender, and slowed down. There, through a gate for 1-4 Minetta Lane, was a stoop, potted from top to bottom with lavender plants... and a parrot. It was like Provence meets the tropics. Life, teeming from a New York City doorstep - this is what we like to see!!! Next time you're trying to cross the village, forget Bleecker Street, stroll Minetta Lane and you might just see a sight you've never seen before in Manhattan. skgr