The One Thing Everyone Needs by Their Front Door

Image Credit: Brittany Purlee

The entryway, foyer, command center—whatever you call it, it's the part of the house where all the incoming and outgoing "stuff" tends to accumulate. And if you're like me, it's also the place you know your keys should be, but never are. These DIY key holders help to create functional drop zones that will keep you organized and out the door faster every morning.

Image Credit: Sugar & Cloth

This project is part decor, part organization. Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth spelled her name out in concrete and incorporated a hook to make it do double duty as a key holder.

Image Credit: Best Friends for Frosting

Organization doesn't have to be serious. This playful, colorful key rack from Best Friends for Frosting will make hunting down your keys every morning less of a wild moose chase.

Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Speaking of colorful and fun, this wooden key rack from A Beautiful Mess only took about an hour and cost less than 15 bucks, from start to finish. It's a great way to grab your keys and go.

Image Credit: Oh Oh Deco

Corral the chaos with a modern key box. Oh Oh Deco even has great keychain DIYs to help you find your pair quickly.

Image Credit: Lily Ardor

This hand painted wall art, made by Lily Ardor, is equal parts form and function with hidden magnets.

Image Credit: Lolly Jane

Plants make everything better, right? Lolly Jane used a hose clamp to create a little plant zen key zone.

Image Credit: Francois Et Moi

Erin of Francois Et Moi made this modern, small space-friendly key drop with just a Dremel. Now her keys looks like a statement piece meant to be shown off.

Don't want to DIY? Buy one instead:

Image Credit: Threshold

Threshold 9" Key Rack with 4 Hooks from Target; $7.29

Image Credit: Anthropologie

Grand Key Hook Rack from Anthropologie; $24.00

Image Credit: Wayfair

Wayfair Basics Key Hook from Wayfair; $15.99