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Add - ict. Many of you probably already know about, but it took us awhile to figure out exactly what it is. Even now, we're not sure. A website, a shop, a link list, an index, Design Addict wants to be THE portal for modern furnishings and design since 1900, but we're not sure they are there yet. Modern design was supposed to be clean, refined and easy to understand, but Design Addict's website is confusing and dense with information that we don't want. The best thing about it is the ever expanding list of links to design stores and resources around the globe.

Founded by Patrick and Alix Everaert in Belgium, Design Addict's goals are noble:

Our goals are to build with Design Addict a crossroads where the amateur, the collector, the dealer, the student or just simply the curious would visit spontaneously when they need information on 20th-21st centuries design - to have a place where the sharing of knowledge permitted by Internet can be expressed and fulfilled.

This is a great project, and one that we hope they succeed in, just, please, make it easier for us to navigate.... MGR