Corcoranzilla Takes New York

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Wake up and smell the real estate. Nestled inside of each New York Times this morning (at least ours) is the Corcoran Mid Year 2004 Real Estate Report, a thick, classy piece of real estate reporting that makes you realize just how much bigger Corcoran's ambitions really are. They want to BE the real estate market in the same way that Dick Grasso WAS the New York Stock Exchange. These guys, or ladies, are good.

Impressively, not only is this report a definitive look at New York, Long Island and Palm Beach real estate prices and changes (up, up, up), but it is easy and pleasant to read. You can't not love Barbara Corcoran, who is making the New York real estate market look fun, cuddly and understandable (on the outside at least).

Oh, and the real estate news? Across the board, prices have gone up this year, fueled by low interest rates and a "dearth" of property. The biggest rise? Condo prices on the East Side and in Dumbo, with increases of 60% and 42% respectively. MGR