Clean, Colorful & Calm: Fixing Up Your Apartment To Sell

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Appearances, appearances, appearances. If you are thinking of selling your apartment and want to know if you can get more money for it if you put in a little elbow grease and fix it up, this article, How to Get the Most When It's Time to Sell, is for you. This wonderfully written tale of a husband and wife fixing up their home under the tutelage of an interior designer is a must read. The bottom line?

[We sold] our house for $489,000, which was $10,000 less than our asking price, but more than Joanne [the broker] had thought we would get. She estimated that the staging had added more than $50,000 to the value of our house. Our final bill from John and Alan [the designers] (reachable at 215-339-0444) was $948.22.

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