One Simple Way to Reduce Visual Clutter All Over Your Space

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman | Apartment Therapy

You may have only heard of decanting when it comes to wine, but this technique is a game-changer for organizing your home.

By moving everyday products into containers, you're eliminating the visual clutter created by clunky shelf packaging—which was never meant to fit neatly on your shelves. This is also great for those who buy—or want to buy—in bulk. No need to store the extra-large box on your shelves, instead, decant into a usable jar and refill as needed.

Whether you choose uniform containers or mix shapes and sizes, decanting will make shelves and countertops look so much nicer, and in some cases, it might make items easier to grab or dispense. Plus, you know the saying—out of sight, out of mind? Decanting into clear containers means that everything is in reach and in eyesight, so you'll know exactly how much of every product or snack you have on hand. Anyone have three unopened bags of cotton balls in their bathroom cabinet because they keep forgetting they already have some at home, or is that just me?

Below, some ideas to get you started in every room in your home.

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman | Apartment Therapy

The Pantry

One of the biggest perks of decanting is that you can find containers that fit your space, instead of precariously stacking pasta boxes on top of each other to make them fit your cupboard. Dry goods—like pasta, rice, and beans—are great for decanting because they're long-lasting, but make sure you choose an air-tight container. Doing the same for baking supplies, like flour and sugar, will make it easier to use because you can fit your measuring cups inside easily! If you decant anything with an expiration date—even one that seems far off—use washi tape or clear tape on the back of the container to mark it down so you won't forget. You can find chalkboard stickers for creating easy-to-update labels!

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

The Laundry Room

You might not think there are products in the laundry room worth transferring to jars, but once you see how nice laundry pods and dryer sheets look in clear containers, you'll think differently. Make sure these containers are stored out of reach of young children. We like the look of large, round jars on a shelf in the cupboard above your machines.

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman | Apartment Therapy
Image Credit: Joe Lingeman | Apartment Therapy

The Bathroom

Why let your shampoo and soap slide around and tip over when you could decant them into uniform bottles? Choosing pump dispensers for shampoo and soap makes showering a breeze, but don't stop there. Keep your medicine cabinet and bathroom counters organized by decanting other oft-used items, like cotton balls, Q-tips, and bobby pins, into mini mason jars. Now, they're easy to reach and you've decluttered your bathroom drawers!

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Image Credit: Joe Lingeman | Apartment Therapy

The Fridge

The door on the fridge can get overcrowded with odd-sized bottles and jars. Decant your most frequently used items—like salad dressings and condiments—into squeezable jars that make it easy to store them side-by-side and use every last drop of your favorite hot sauce. Use a label maker to mark what's inside each and their expiration date. Plus, you can put olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a squeeze bottle to make it easier to drizzle over pastas and other dishes with none of the mess.

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What else do you decant at home?