Why You Should Use Magnets to Organize Your Bathroom

Image Credit: Reagen Taylor

Magnets are little gravity-defying miracles, and mighty in their myriad uses. One of the best places to put their small-yet-powerful selves to work is in the bathroom. Use one or two or 10 there, and keep everything in its proper place. No more hunting around for loose bobby pins, nail clippers, or your favorite eye shadow.

Image Credit: The Merry Thought

On Medicine Cabinet Walls: When Caitlin of The Merry Thought cleaned and re-organized her medicine cabinet, she used this simple, yet clever, system to keep track of little personal items: a couple of magnets for her small loose items and accessories. To make things a little more fun, she Mod-Podged floral fabric on top of a couple heavy duty ceramic block magnets.

Image Credit: Amazon

Inside a Drawer: Install a magnetic knife rack inside your bathroom drawers to keep all those little hair accessories and grooming supplies in one place and easily within reach. This specific one from Amazon isn't currently available, but there are other nice wooden options out there, including this one:

Image Credit: Family Handyman

Backsides of Vanity Doors: Family Handyman used a magnet strip to hang tiny tools, like nail clippers and scissors. The nice thing about this version is that it's very low-profile, so, if and when your cabinets are jam packed, these don't stick out too much. A thicker magnet might not allow you to completely shut the door.

Image Credit: Factual Fairy Tale

On The Wall or Door: And then there's something like this, the mother of all magnetic organizers. Meghan of Factual Fairy Tale started with an inexpensive piece of sheet metal, then added a series of small round magnets to store her makeup. An smaller strip hung vertically keeps the bobby pins in military precision.

Image Credit: Reagen Taylor