Apartment Therapy on Very Little

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

You know when you have a bag that you carry your stuff in, and eventually you fill it up? Then you might get a bigger bag, and fill that up? I had a friend in college that carried such a big bag it seemed to me she was carrying around a weight, not belongings.

We like bags. We even designed (not yet manufactured) a bag called "Take One Thing Out," which was to encourage just that, carrying less.

Then Sara had an idea for a holiday Un-Party. You would send out invitations and schedule it for a weeknight during the busiest time of the holiday season. On the night of the party everyone that accepted was to stay home. If anyone asked you to do anything on that night you could politely decline, as you were invited to another party. Un-Party.

Did you know that apple trees only give fruit if they are pruned? In order for the fruit to form, the growth of the branches needs to be cut back. There needs to be less tree.

Isn't all of this the same in an apartment? MGR