Adjustable Shelves for $250

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

DIY or BUY? We like both. Sometimes an idea is so beautifully simple that you just want to make it yourself and sometimes what you want is too expensive and you make it because you gotta have it anyway.

In case you missed it yesterday, John McCrory added a great description of his own project to the ISS Shelving post with a photograph (at right). We thought it was so good, no one should miss it. (Thanks, John!) MGR

If you want something similar and don't insist on the sleek look of metal, you might also try building your own shelves out of wood, which is what I did.

Instead of compression poles, I used 2x2 poles, cut to fit my 8' ceilings. I tightened them in between my floor and ceiling using adjustable glide levellers.

I had the folks at Wood-o-Rama (where I got all the lumber, standards, and brackets) cut a groove on one side of each pole into which I fit and screwed your basic 1-slot standards.

The result is perfect for a rental apartment and won't break the bank: adjustable shelving for my office, with no drilling into the wall, floor, or ceiling. I made a set of 6' by 12" shelves for a total of $250.