10 Times Garage Makeovers Became the Most Adorable Homes Ever

Image Credit: Jeff Jones

Garages ooze potential. When real estate sells for a premium — especially in expensive cities — intrepid folks turn to these existing structures for an opportunity to create living space that is ultimately more valuable. By nature these homes are modest in size, but nonetheless pack a stylish and functional 1-2 punch.

Image Credit: Jeff Jones
Image Credit: Jeff Jones

After living in a newly renovated home for a year (remodeled on the TV show Fixer Upper), Sara decided to go back to school, which forced her and her husband to get creative with finances. Converting their 400-square-foot garage in living space (also lead image above), and renting out the main house, was just the ticket. Read more about all their design decisions over on their full house tour.

Image Credit: Hearth Studio

1. Hearth Studio (above) converted a garage into a surprisingly airy apartment Melbourne, Australia. Much of the place was salvaged or sourced second hand, including the windows, doors, benches, lighting, sinks, and even the bathroom.

Image Credit: Shed

2. SHED Architecture and Design turned this garage into a 320 square foot studio apartment in Seattle.

Image Credit: Bethany Nauert
3. Annette and Gustavo were able to retain the high ceilings and preserve the old wood beams in their 420 square foot garage. It's now a super stylish loft-like guest house in their backyard.
Image Credit: Jenny Tweto, submitted by Naomi

4. Apartment Therapy featured a 360 square foot space made from a former two car garage in Portland, OR. The owners now rent out the main home, in favor of staying in this smaller space.

Image Credit: Beth Dana

5. Beth Dana designed this California cottage from a two car garage in Santa Barbara.

Image Credit: AirBnB

6. This 300 square foot former garage is now used as an income-producing apartment in Portland, OR. It rents on AirBnB for $78 a night.

Image Credit: Kathryn Bacalis

7. Juan's 400 square foot garage turned modern guest house is a bright, airy, inspirational hideaway, perfect for out of town guests or visiting family. The motorized garage doors are a nod to its past.

Image Credit: Molly Frey

8. Molly Frey's Design Studio was formerly unfinished and rustic. The remodeled space is now sleek and stylish.

Image Credit: New York Times

9. This 280 square foot tiny garage was remade into a home for only $32,000.

Image Credit: Six By Eight

10. And then, a bonus garage conversion! Karin Montgomery Spath turned the 344 square foot space above a two-car garage into this simple, clean Scandinavian-style loft apartment. The owners lived there while their larger home was being renovated, and now use it as a guest house.

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Image Credit: Jeff Jones