21 Things You Can Do With Lemons and Lemon Juice (That Don't Involve Food)

Image Credit: Erika Tracy

Lemons are kind of a miracle to me. Their wizardly talents range from saving sailors from untimely scurvy deaths, to working equally as well in savory and sweet dishes. And on top of that, lemons are an ace all-natural cleaning agent to use around the house.

Beauty + Closet Solutions

Lemon is a cleanser and deodorizer that can work wonders for your skin, wardrobe or dresser drawers.

Image Credit: Erika Tracy

In the Kitchen

OK, many of these are technically related to food. But since you're not consuming the lemon juice, they're on the list.

Image Credit: Ashley Poskin

Elsewhere Around the House

A few other handy solutions made possible with just a few lemons.