20 Million Dogs Can't Be Wrong

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Department of Why Nots? Two Irishmen - who don't own dogs - plan to publish a magazine about dogs in New York City. We're Irish and even we recognize the Irish temperament at its riskiest (and best).

With very little fanfare that we can detect, New York Dog was featured today in the NY Time business section, For Dogs in New York, a Glossy Look at Life. The plan is a novel one: a 96 page glossy magazine devoted to the high life of dogs. The content? "The New York Dog will feature dog horoscopes and obituaries, dog dieting tips and pop psychology advice for dogs." The hook? While humans only number around 8 million, the publishers claim we have 20 million dogs in NYC. If only dogs could read... (via NYTimes) MGR